Woo Child Feat. C. Jay Conrod ‘Center Stage’ Prod. by @JBJROfficial @TheRealWoo @CJayConrod @ParkStreetPR

‘Tight bars and a great flow’ HipHopSavedUs.com
‘Something you need to get up on’ TalkngAllThatRap.com
‘A true artist in every sense of the word’ TheHipHopMafia.com
‘Already causing a stir on both sides of the Atlantic’ TrickstasWorld.com

St. Louis emcee Woo Child is going from strength to strength on an international level causing a stir in the underground rap community on both sides of the pond. With a string of positive reviews on his new video and EP, things are hotting up for this talented artist. Produced by three times St. Louis Underground Beat Champion producer JBJR, this is something you need to bumping!

Woo Child has seen his videos played in stores across the USA in stores such as Journey’s, Macy’s, Steve Madden, American Eagle, FYE, and Nightlife, as well as major plays on regional TV networks from Manhattan to DC to Charlotte to Pasadena to all places in between and placement on VH1 India.

With numerous live performances in Michigan, Georgia, and St. Louis, Woo Child has found himself in respectable company since the release of his demo in 2001, with Hip-Hop fans all over the world beginning to stand and see the realness. The new EP ‘Heirs’ is a seven track insight into Woo Child is something all discerning rap fans should be up on!

Woo Child – Center Stage Feat. C. Jay Conrod #Video

Woo Child – Center Stage Feat. C. Jay Conrod #Stream

Woo Child – Heirs EP – (Prod. by JBJR) – Download/Stream link:

Connect with Woo Child:


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