Abstract Soundz Presents Work Hard Play Hard @AbstractSoundz @ParkStreetPR


“Work Hard Play Hard” is the new album entirely produced by independent hip hop artist Abstract Soundz, featuring Iron Braydz (Triple Darkness), Flying Monk (Split Prophets), Skunkadelic (Afro Cluster), Kali Mist (Crudely Cut Records) and many more! The first single from the album “Dust”, featuring Lady Sanity, made the BBC 1Xtra playlist and was dropped by the likes of Mistajam and Trevor Nelson.

“Excellent stuff” – Chemo (Kilamanjaro Music)
“Abstract Soundz is well worth checking out, it might not be a name that you’ve heard of, but it definitely should be” – Vice (Wordplay Magazine)

Download for free via:

The sound of this project has been influenced by the pioneers of that early 90s boom bap vibe, such as Pete Rock, Q Tip, Lord Finesse, Dj Premier and J Dilla – as well as household UK names such as Harry Love and Lewis Parker. The production on this record is heavily laced with Jazz, Funk and Soul samples pinned down by dusty breaks. All tracks were mastered by the experienced ears of Chemo.

Abstract Soundz Ft. The Real Dill ‘Hard Working’

A Brief History
Abstract Soundz has been producing sample based hip hop for about 10 years. At 18 he moved to London and began to network within the Capitals vibrant hip hop scene. In 2010 he released his first album “Abstract Soundz Presents….” collaborating with artists across the UK. This release was followed by production for Skunkadelic’s debut album “Musically Drifting” which came out later that year. Since then Abstract had been trying to hone in his skills and master the art of crafting funky and jazzy, laid back, smooth hip hop instrumentals with and old school 90s boom bap vibe.

Connect with Abstract Soundz:


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